We welcome requests for membership from San Francisco Bay Area families who are homeschooling intellectually gifted children. Please read About Us for our mission and goals.

We believe the following criteria make our group unique. Before making a request to join our group, please read the following information carefully.

Potential members should be

  • residents of the San Francisco Bay area living within one hour of the central Peninsula (e.g., Redwood City).
  • explicit in their introductory emails about their children's intellectual giftedness. We want to see a clear indication that you have researched giftedness and, as a result, have identified your children as such. We only want as members those who have already identified their children as intellectually gifted and who have come to understand that giftedness affects every aspect of how their children learn and experience the world. (See our Giftedness resource page.)
  • homeschooling their children via any legal option, from charter program to Private School Affidavit (see our Homeschooling resource page).
  • willing to contribute to the group; participation is required.  Meeting and getting to know other members, arranging and/or participating in field trips, classes, or other get-togethers, attending our gatherings and making contributions to our email list are some of the ways our members help to create a vibrant community of gifted home learners.
  • prepared to share basic personal information with other members of the group (names and ages of children, the city where you live).  We are not, nor do we wish to be, an anonymous group.

There are many other groups offering online support and broader membership criteria.  We ask that potential members of our group consider the vision we have for the group and decide whether or not they will meet our criteria before submitting an application to join us.

If you are ready to make a commitment to help us grow and develop our community, please see our membership request form. We ask for some basic information that we share privately among our members in a member database; and we ask you to introduce yourself through an email to our list (via a field on the membership request form).

Our Google group is our main online space, incorporating our mailing list and online discussion archive, and providing access to our private Web site. You must use an email address for membership that is associated with your (free) Google account. Please see our page about Google accounts if you aren't sure what this means.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact

Membership Request