Google Accounts

Please join us using an email address associated with a Google account: here’s how to verify that

All our private online communications — Google group (mailing list), Google Site, Google Calendar, and member list (a Google doc) — are accessed through your (free) Google account. So, when you request membership, please use the email address associated with your Google account.

If you use an email address other than one through Gmail, you can set up a Google account using your email address as your Google username. Then, when you are accessing our content via Web pages, you'll sign into those pages using your email address and Google account password.

If you use Gmail for your email, that is part of your Google account. By joining our group with your Gmail address, you'll be able to access all our services using the same password as you use for Gmail.

Or, if you have a Gmail account but you want to receive our mailing list email at another email address, you can "associate" that other email address with the Google account at which you have Gmail. Here are instructions:

To "Associate email addresses with your (Google) account"

More assistance is available via the
Google Help files