About Us

Families homeschooling intellectually gifted children in the Bay Area

We are a private group of families homeschooling intellectually gifted children in the San Francisco Bay Area. We call our group “BAGHS” (pronounced “bags”) for short.

We share resources, organize park days and other gatherings, and serve as a local support network for families who are independently facilitating their gifted children's learning. We find friends among the parents, children, and teens within our community.

Our main goal is to facilitate connections and friendships among our member families, so we emphasize real-life participation and ask that our members live within a one-hour radius of Redwood City, California. This is the area in which members may meet for classes, presentations, or park days. We want all members to know other members personally, and encourage all members to organize the types of gatherings, field trips, or classes they want to have. To help facilitate that, we maintain a mailing list and a private Web site.

If you are just learning about giftedness and/or homeschooling, please see our recommended resources on giftedness and homeschooling.

We welcome local families who are interested in helping us create a thriving community of families with gifted children who learn outside of K-12 schools. If you would like to participate in our group, please see our Membership page. If you have questions about membership, please email membership@sfbaghs.org.

To contact the group otherwise, please email info@sfbaghs.org.